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First of all, I want to thank you for letting me send you updates on my music. I initially had ideas to simply just make marketing emails about my new projects and songs, but as I began to add some of you and saw those of you who subscribed, I began to realize this could be a really cool place to share more about what I’m working on, what prompts me to create the things I do, and other random thoughts that I hope add some value to your life. I really want to create a better sense of online connection than the too often cheap community we get from Facebook or Instagram, and that’s what I hope this can do, in some sense.

So thank you! I’ve been blown away by the amount of support I’ve already received for Worth the Wait. It’s been out for two weeks and I've gotten the best feedback on this release than I ever have before, but more than that, I’ve heard some really incredible stories of how the meaning of that song has resonated with a lot of people — mainly other college students waiting patiently, respectfully, and wisely for someone they hope to be one with someday. I’ve also heard how the sentiment of waiting patiently for something good in any area or season of life can be worth the wait to so many others.

For me, this song was written from a place of being worn out and getting sick of patience. When we’re in the middle of waiting, or our season is stale, or we stand the midst of discomfort or pain, an intentional reminder of the hope that we await in the future makes the season we face more bearable. We can hope for justice, peace, unity, or seeing loved ones again. We can hope for rest or seeing our friends again. We can hope for safety in another human's love. That’s the place this song came from:

“Every heartbreak, every mistake

When I think of you, it falls away

I’m still holding on

For the day I hope you come

I long for the day your heart is safe

Here in my hand, I’ll smile and say

“My lady, your love is worth the wait”

Thank you again for all of your love and support. I would love to hear your thoughts, constructive criticism, and what you thought of the song and the message of it. If you haven’t heard it, you can listen here or click the photo below. Save it to a playlist and send it to a friend — I would be extremely grateful.

I hope these can start a conversation! I would love these emails to be the start of a dialogue on the topic at hand or whatever else. Don’t hesitate to reply, I look forward to it.

Walking in the freedom of truth and grace,

Brian Richard Griffin