Here's everything that I've contributed to professionally.

River City Church

2019 - Present
The new church plant from my home church Riverview Church in Grand Rapids. Really excited to be part of an awesome community who I am excited to grow with. Currently, I serve by playing drums and singing in the worship team.

Building with Zach

Graphic Designer / Videographer
2019 - Present
This is my brother's YouTube channel. When he got sponsored this last summer, I told him he needed a graphics and video facelift, so I kinda work with him on making his channel look pretty so that he can focus on the more important stuff.

One Fortuitous Night

Producer's Assistant
This was the first production set I was able to be part of since moving into Cornerstone University. It was a very cool and educational experience.
Co-founder, Drummer, Vocalist, Web Design, Logo Design, Social Media Manager
2012 - Present
I started this band in 6th grade with some buddies who are now some of my best friends. We play festivals and gigs around the Greater Lansing Area and we are working on an EP currently. This project I am more proud to call mine.


Co-founder, Rapper, Recording Artist, Management, Social Media Manager, Logo Design, Web Design

2017 - Present

My best friend Ethan Heikkinen and I started rapping our eighth grade year. It started off as a joke, and as we grew up, rap become something we wanted to invest in. Emissary was founded out of wanting to rebrand from our previous name, Chaos.

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