An Autumn Sunset — An Andy Goldsworthy Style Photo

Client / Organization

School Project

My Role


Purpose / Goal

This is Hawk Meadow Park in West Lansing, MI, a place I like to frequent because of its tranquility and simplicity. I arrive there Wednesday under a dreary blanket of clouds, yet was again taken aback by its vast expanse that allows my mind and heart space to breathe and room to be inspired — a perfect place to *create*. There lies a field, currently all dirt, with a background landscape lined by the color-changing trees. I used those to create a vibrant contrast against the mundane dirt, bringing the natural beauty of the trees to a bland and somewhat lifeless, slow season. We are so attracted to sunsets and sunrises — they are so beautiful. And yet, I believe my photo encapsulates the beauty and vibrance of autumn through its symmetry and color composition while respecting the simplicity and tranquility of Hawk Meadow Park. That's exactly why we love sunsets — for their simplicity, yet utter tranquility.

Tools & Equipment Used

  • Canon T5i


Lansing, MI