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Participatory listeners are generally better listeners. They are characterized by showing non-verbal involvement when listening. On the other side of the spectrum, passive listeners are less involved and only occasionally communicate acceptance. 

Participatory vs. Passive

About Listening

When communicating, there are a variety of types that a person utilizes. Each listening type represents a certain spectrum that communicators fall under. 

Empathetic listeners are often preferred listeners as they put themselves in the shoes of those they are listening to. However, objective listeners are less likely to empathize, as they focus more on facts. Objective listeners are needed if obvious negative distractions are present. 

Empathetic vs. Objective

Non-judgemental listening is most often utilized in the understanding stage of communication whereas critical listening is most often utilized in the evaluation stage of communication. 

Non-judgemental vs. Critical

Both surface and depth listeners attend to both content and relational levels of meaning. 

Surface vs. Depth

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