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Eros is based on beauty and physical attraction. One positive aspect of the love style, eros, is the excitement and passion surrounding the relationship. However, there are often unrealistic expectations that hinder any sort of long-term potential. The feelings based on physical attraction will always fade or shift. 


About Love

here are six primary love styles that manifest in different behaviors and are associated with various feelings. Each individual style has unique characteristics that have both positive and negative aspects. In general, most people identify with a combination of these six love styles. An understanding of love styles better allows for one to make sense of the relationships around oneself. 

Storge is based on friendship, shared values, and compatibility. Some positive aspects are security, dependability, non-volatile, and have high long-term potential. There aren’t any negative aspects specific to Storge. 


Ludus is based on selfishness and manipulation with little to no concern for others. Some positive aspects of Ludus is the excitement if both partners shun commitment. However, Ludus is apt to hurt others, hinder lasting intimate bonds, and is least desirable in a partner.


Manic is characterized by extreme passion and jealousy with excessive dependence on and possessiveness. Individuals with a manic love style are apt to love their sense of self and “become” their relationship. They find it difficult to relax when their partner is with someone else, frequently worried about losing their partner, and often shower their partner with attention. Some negative aspects of a manic love style are the partner feels smothered and withdraws and the manic then attempts to grab hold more firmly. Some do not desire to have manics as long-term partners. 


Pragma is utilized by choosing a mate for utility value. A positive aspect is the fiscal sense, similar social networks, and parental values. The passion piece to relationships is irrelevant. The only requirements are checking the utilitarian boxes. An example of pragma includes arranged marriages.  


Agape is based on an intense concern for their partner. Individuals with an agape love style often put their partner’s needs ahead of their own. Some positives include very strong relationships and agape lovers are highly desirable as partners. 


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